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If you have been thinking about selling your home, I need your help. Almost everything I have listed for well over a year now has sold - IF - they price their home right and do the staging I recommend. We work with our clients to stage their home as a courtesy to them, both inside & outside, to bring them the maximum amount of money for their property. 

Call me today at 770.778.4500. I have a rare day off today and I want to list your home. Let's get it SOLD!

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Do you need a home to rent? Call Us! 

If you are looking for a home for rent in the Marietta, Acworth or the Kennesaw area, give us a call. We will send you a list of homes in the price point you are looking for. We live and work in West Cobb.

Also, many people call us and think that they have no choice but to rent when there are often options for you that you may not know about. Or, you may be able to buy in a year instead of renting for two or three more years. Give us a call and we will discuss what options may be available to you at the present time.

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Do you need to RENT your home in Marietta, Acworth or Kennesaw Area? Call us!  Rentals? You ask, “What about rentals?” Well right now we need a lot of rentals. There are so many people who are short selling their houses and need a place to live. There are people who come into the area who want to live here for a while who just want to make sure they buy in the right area for them. There are people who just don’t have a down payment and need to rent until they save enough money. So, is there a need? Yes, a very definite need. I used to never handle rentals but now it has become a new part of our business. We have many people who call us to put their homes up for rent. We still do professional photography on our rental homes and provide the same great…
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We are in Connecticut and it snowed last night. It is very cold and very beautiful. You all have a wonderful day and here's to an improving real estate market in the coming year.

 Thanks to all who used our services in the past. 

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There is certain information that is just good to know when you hire someone for your real estate needs. This is that kind of information so I want you to know that:

RE/MAX is the 2011 award recipient of the  J.D. Power & Associates Real Estate Broker Satisfaction for both Home Buyers & Home Sellers! That's pretty good!

I am really busy right now listing homes and showing buyers. Really! That is a good thing, but I want you to know that I am here for you to answer your questions. Email me, text me or call me or go here and fill out the contact form and I will contact you. 

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Subtitle: We know what to do and we are here to help!

My husband Bud has been asking me to write a blog about what we do when we list a home. He is always saying, “Why don’t you tell people all the things you do?” I am not one to toot my own horn, so this has been difficult to write and I am sure I will leave things out that we do. But you might get bored if it is too long.

I do all the stuff you’d think such as all the paperwork, contact information, sign, lockbox, listing/pictures on the two Multiple Listing Services in Atlanta, etc. Your home goes on our website at — but before it does, Bud does his thing—he takes professional digital photographs of your home and puts them in the aforementioned FMLS & GAMLS, plus

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We thought this is cool and thought we'd share it with you. It is time lapsed photography shot from a commercial airliner between San Francisco and Paris.

Just click HERE! 

Okay, not much to do with real estate except that this covers a lot of it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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10 year fixed rate mortgage anyone? 

Have you considered doing a 10 year fixed rate mortgage? It's an idea and its time has (probably) come. At least for some people because being debt free is very cool. It gives you a freedom that is hard to describe and easy to enjoy.

So, I just saw this rate today from one lender. A 10 year fixed rate at 3.5% - the low rate is certainly enticing and only 10 years to a Dave Ramsey moment! It does sound kinda good, doesn't it?

Here are some more specifics: the APR is at 3.75%, the loan is less than $417,000, you gotta have a 740 credit score and they want you to have a 20% stake in the home. So, 20% down is a chunk of change but that is the idea isn't it - home ownership mortgage free in 10 years is a great goal!


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Current Interest Rates for January 21, 2011

Rate Trend for the past week:   FLAT

30 year fixed              4.625%        0 points     APR 4.790%

15 year fixed              3.875%        0 points     APR 4.150%

30 year fixed jumbo     5.250%        0 points     APR 5.415%

15 year fixed jumbo     4.750%        0 points     APR 5.025%

7/1 ARM                    3.75%         0 points     APR 3.915%

5/1 ARM                    3.250%        0 points     APR 3.415%

3/1 ARM                    2.875%        0 points     APR 3.040%

FHA 30 year fixed       4.500%        0 points     APR 4.950%

These rates are subject to change. For the latest rates contact a mortgage broker or bank.

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30 year fixed - 4.625%        0 points     APR 4.790%

15 year fixed - 3.875%        0 points     APR 4.150%

FHA 30 year fixed - 4.500%        0 points     APR 4.950%

30 year fixed jumbo - 5.250%        0 points     APR 5.415%

15 year fixed jumbo - 4.750%        0 points     APR 5.025%

7/1 ARM - 3.625%        0 points     APR 3.790%

5/1 ARM - 3.125%        0 points     APR 3.290%

3/1 ARM - 2.875%        0 points     APR 3.040%

These rates are subject to change. For the latest rates contact a mortgage broker or bank.

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