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We intend to share with you the things we have found, over the years, to be important to Georgia Home Sellers in the following articles. Hopefully, you will find this information and advice useful and these tips will help you learn how to better market your home here in Georgia. Enjoy!

Choosing the Right Realtor®—Availability

Let me ask you a question. Why would anyone choose a Realtor® to list their home that only puts their office phone number on the listing, and moreover, that office is closed on the weekend? Why, I would guess you didn’t even know that is exactly what a large number of agents do, did you? That weekend represents the greatest portion of time homes are shown to prospective clients and almost 30% of a week.

Most sellers never even ask the “availability” question because they assume their agent can always be reached and would want to. After all, they gave you their cell phone number. But, strangely, they have not put it out there where anyone else can find it…

I personally get very frustrated when I cannot reach a listing agent with the questions that always come up when trying to get information about a home my client is interested in and wants to know more about.

Many times my buyer, who is the prospective buyer of your home, will get tired of waiting for those answers and will simply move on to another home. I’ve seen this happen many many times. You cannot afford to have that happen to you—especially in this market.

So, why don’t you test me? Give me a call right now at 770.778.4500 and just tell me you are running a “Cathy Meder availability test.” And then, perhaps, we can put our heads together and get your home SOLD!


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