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Updated December 2012

Author: Cathy Meder, Realtor®

Receiving the right information and finding the right mortgage lender can make all the difference for you in purchasing your home. There is an order to buying a home and there are decisions that need to be made before you begin your home search in earnest. One of your main decisions centers on money: How much can we afford and how much do we want to spend?

I call it your comfort level-you may qualify for way more than you are comfortable with purchasing-so it is best to talk with a Mortgage Lender and tell them your payment comfort level. Conversely, you may want to buy more house now rather than move again in a few years when you would have more income. A good Lender may be able to help you find a program that might work for you and keep you from making a two step move helping you get into the home you really want the first time. There are many avenues and they will help you choose the right one for you according to your goals, desires and ability.

We recommend you begin the process by contacting a professional and experienced Loan Officer that works for a reputable Mortgage company. A loan officer will help you discover just how much home you can afford and what your monthly payment will be.

If you would like to begin on your own, you will need to have an idea what mortgage interest rates are in our area. Then use this Mortgage Calculator to discover how much home you qualify for and what your required income will be. We encourage you to talk to several of the Loan Officers.

A good loan officer, like a good real estate agent, is worth their weight in gold. An experienced Lender can help you make the necessary decisions, answer all your questions and, by the end of the process, help you feel comfortable with the decisions you have made. Additionally, an experienced Lender will ensure there are no "surprises" at the closing table.

The below referenced list of Mortgage Lenders is provided as a courtesy to buyers to assist them in the process of locating and selecting a Lender. While no endorsement of these Mortgage Lenders is made, either as a group or individually, and no representations are made regarding their expertise, abilities, qualifications or how the entire loan process will go for you, we either know these individuals or they have done business with our past clients or we have heard good things about them through our contacts and can recommend they would be a good place to begin in the process of procuring a home loan. They are all actively involved in making home loans in the Atlanta Metro area.

The decision to interview and procure a loan from a Mortgage Lender shall remain the sole responsibility of the buyer, and the buyer is free to select any Lender of his or her choosing whether included in the list below or not.

All of these Mortgage Lenders will have mortgage rates, calculators, and other information available free of charge. They will be glad to talk to you.

Randy Bailey - Starkey Mortgage   
Office: (770) 200-2816

Mike Henderson - Northpoint Mortgage
Direct:  404-725-7690

Sam Thompson -  Opteum Mortgage

Bob Ingram - W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp.

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