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Buyer Agency, also known as Buyer Brokerage, boils down to this: You, as the buyer of real property in Georgia, can know that you are being represented in the transaction – period.

We don't charge a fee to represent you as a Buyer Broker; we negotiate on your behalf and we represent you. Our fees are split with the seller's agent and this means the seller pays the commissions. Buyers need representation.

In order to enter into Buyer Agency, you, as the buyer, have to sign a contract. This document is disclosing the fact that we will be representing you, as the buyer, instead of the seller. It’s all about disclosure. There are time limits involved in the contract, our duties to you and other items that we will discuss if you sign with us as your Buyers agent.

One thing does not change after you sign the contract to hire a Buyer agent: The seller still pays the commission. What does change? Everyone involved in the transaction knows that the buyer is represented by their agent and the seller theirs.

Take advantage of my professional expertise and 28 years of experience as a Buyers agent selling homes in Marietta, Kennesaw and Acworth, GA. We will always do our very best to give you the same level of service that we do all our Buyer customers and clients.

A Brief History of Buyer Agency

Buyer Agency came about in the 1990’s and was a trend, almost across the country. Here is a brief history of buyer’s agency; in the past every real estate agent involved in a transaction (and therefore, their brokers) regardless if they were the listing agent or if they were showing their customer (a buyer) homes, all of them represented the seller. Now, if you are like me and you start reading information like this my eyes glaze over (MEGO) so I’ll repeat the pertinent part. By law and by custom, all of the real estate agents always represented the seller in the past.

Now, if you’ll think about the implications of that it simply means if you were buying a home, you did not have anyone representing you.

Buyer Agency made it possible for purchasers to be represented. I say “possible” because it is necessary for the buyer to enter into a Brokerage Engagement with their real estate agent. But you don’t have to do that. (MEGO Alert!) “Brokerage Engagement” simply means a written contract. Our 2010 RE/MAX Around Atlanta Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement is several pages long and right at the top it says, “State law prohibits Broker from representing Buyer as a client without first entering into a written agreement with Buyer…” So, if you really want representation as a buyer client, have your agent fill out one of those contracts. That is what we do for our customers, which, according to Georgia law, turns them into a client. Clients and customers have different privileges.

If you are interested in buying give me a call and let's get started. Remember we will walk you through the process and make it as easy as it can be.


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